• Filmed in Person

    Play on full screen, headphones if you can, and watch with your full attention

    Being Enough (02:31)

    Sitting Doing Nothing (02:13)

    Memories (02:16)

    Life at 80 (02:02)

    Love (02:06)

    Less is More (02:33)

    The Experience of it... (02:10)

    No Words (02:21)

    A Moment (03:08)

    Living My Life (04:46)

    It's Okay to be Me (01:54)

    "For me the best introduction is the human face. When I see two eyes, one mouth, one nose, I know I’m dealing with another human being like me. I’m like those young children who don’t care about their companions’ background so long as they smile and are willing to play."

    Dalai Lama

  • Filmed Remotely Using Zoom

    Watch with your FULL attention. Headphones if you can.
    (Resolution is low, works well viewed on a phone or tablet)

    A Reflection of Possibility (3:52)

    Seeding Generosity (3:33)

    The Ability to Pause (3:17)

    What It's Like to Be Me (05:21)

    We Need Each Other (03:21)

    Love of Yourself (03:53)

    Embracing the Fear (2:30)

    Learning Through Awe and Wonder (3:35)

    Wanting to Play (03:55)

    Unconditional Love (05:10)

    Trusting My Instinct (04:43)

    Seeding Wisdom (04:55)

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