• In their own words

    Observations from those who have sat with me and my camera

    "Being with Alison in the Inner View process is a real privilege. It can be uncomfortable to be the focus of attention but it's more that we don't often give our selves and bodies and feelings enough attention normally. This helped me get in touch with what is really going on, to see myself as much as to be seen.
    It's also very powerful to watch yourself back at a later date."

    "I enjoyed sitting with you. I felt calm and relaxed and very safe. Watching the edited film was lovely and also moving. Beautifully put together. It was nostalgic, evocative and brought back the essence of each person. What a fantastic gift."

    "I felt completely at ease... And I must say, I have an uneasy relationship with the camera

    and being filmed. So it is quite something I felt at ease here!

    Each time I look at the photos I feel love for myself, what a precious gift!"

    "It's a powerful process....It seemed to get to the heart of the matter...

    Being listened to and being given time and attention with no expectations placed on me was a lovely experience and enabled me to be compassionate to myself.

    Thank you for enabling valued moments of self discovery...and capturing this on film, a truly precious gift."

    “I really enjoyed the experience of it and thought it was very profound. It stuck with me for days afterwards. I loved the process of being with it after the session and seeing myself objectively. Would I like this person? I decided yes, I would.”

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