• 15 Minute Chat
    and Get Comfortable with Zoom Call

    Thank you for booking a session with me on Zoom

    Preparing for Our 15 Minute Chat Zoom Session

    • You will need a device with a webcam - this could be a desktop, laptop, tablet or a smartphone.  
    • If you haven't used Zoom before you will need to download the software to your device before our session.  You'll receive an email confirmation for our chat session and in that, there is a link to 'Join Zoom Meeting'. Click this link and you'll get a prompt to download and run Zoom.  Select this and follow the instructions.  Please do this ahead of our scheduled meeting time. 
    • Note: You don't need to sign up for a Zoom account to attend our meeting, but you do need to download the software. 
    • Please allow a 10 to 15 minutes to get it set up. It's often quicker but you never know what challenges it may throw up, so do allow time so you are not under pressure. 
    • Please set yourself up somewhere as quiet as possible, away from distractions and with good natural lighting.
    • You can use the Test Meeting facility on Zoom to check your set up before our meeting time. You need to have clear sound using your inbuilt microphone, or earbuds, and your face should be well lit (facing or side onto a window - not in front of it).
    • Ideally, your face should fill most of the screen, which may mean sitting closer to the camera that you usually do. Take a moment to notice your background and make sure you are happy with what is in view.

    What to Expect

    My intention for this call is to have a friendly chat, and to give you a chance to get comfortable with using Zoom if you are new to it, or haven't had much experience of using it.

    We can check out your set up, and I can help you adjust your position to get the best lighting. We can work out what works best for the sound - sometimes using a headset is better, other times the inbuilt microphone and speakers is better.

    You can ask me any questions you have about what a filming session might be like and let me know any concerns you have about signing up for your own session.

    For me, I am looking forward to seeing you if we have already met, or meeting you for the first time if not. It's a weird time in the world right now and finding ways to have human connection feels more important than ever.

    After our chat, you'll get an email with a link to my calendar if you'd like to book in for a filming session.

    Looking forward to seeing you soon.

    If you have any questions before our session please send me a message using the box below. Thank you.

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