• Time and Attention Session - In-Person

    Thank you for booking an In-Person session

    What to Expect:

    • We'll begin with me setting up my equipment whilst having a chat, and maybe a cup of tea, as I sort things out and check everything is working well.
    • It may be you'd like to use the session to explore a particular question or theme, or it could be open to whatever comes in the moment.  
    • When we're ready to begin recording I'll ask you to close your eyes. This gives you an opportunity to take a couple of deep breaths, feel your feet on the floor and settle into yourself.  
    • The space is now yours.  
    • I'll invite you to open your eyes when you are ready. There is no rush.  
    • This is not an interview or a conversation. My intention is to pay attention with a neutral face - this isn't a sign I am bored but a way to allow you complete freedom to be in the moment without relying on feedback from me. It may feel strange at first but trust that it is okay. 
    • You may stay silent, you may speak if words arise. You don't have to say anything, and you don't have to stay quiet. We'll be with whatever comes in the moment.
    • I may speak. I may ask a question if it arises in me. But I may remain silent. This really is space for you. 
    • There really is no expectation for the session. It will be whatever it is. There is nothing to achieve, nothing to prove and nothing to be done. 
    • The footage recorded will remain confidential between us, unless you give permission for it to be shared in an edited film.


    Other than setting up the space, as explained below, there is little you need to do to prepare for the session.

    Don't plan what you are going to say. This is about what comes in the moment, perhaps tapping into your inner wisdom.


    Requirements for the Filming Space

    • A quiet room
    • Natural day-light from the side (skylights can be a challenge)
    • Two upright chairs, preferably with a low back that won't be seen behind you. 
    • Remove all noise-generating items from the room - eg. a ticking clock. If you have a noisy fridge we may need to switch it off for the duration of the session (the microphone is very sensitive). 
    • Let others know that you are not to be disturbed
    • Switch off your phone or use aeroplane mode to ensure no notifications arrived during the filming. 
    A few tips about what to wear:
    • Avoid fine checks or stripes as on video they can look like they are moving
    • Please don't wear a black top or you may look like a floating head against my black back-drop
      • Think about any jewellery you are wearing and if it may be noisy - jangly bangles, or a long necklace knocking on the microphone. 
      • If you can manage without wearing glasses that works best, as sometimes reflections can be an issue, but if you need to keep them on that's fine, we'll work with it. 

      What Happens Next?

      • After the session, I will create a black and white film from your uncut footage to send to you, with the invitation, and some guidance on how, to watch yourself, and perhaps see yourself in a new way.
      • I'll also send you a link to book in for a short follow up call in a couple of weeks time to give you an opportunity to reflect on your experience. 

      If you have any questions before our session please get in touch by email, and I'll respond as soon as I can.

      Thank you.

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