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    Thank you for booking a session to record your personal film for
    The Creative Community Living Directory

    Preparing for Our Zoom Session

    • You will need a device with a webcam - this could be a desktop, laptop or tablet. 
    • Please set yourself up somewhere as quiet as possible, away from all distractions, where you won't be disturbed. (Pop a note on the door if you need to).
    • Sit on an upright chair, facing or side on to a window, but not with a window behind you.  Check that your face is well lit and not in shadow.  Maybe have a lamp available nearby in case it's needed for extra light to illuminate your face. We can work that out at the beginning of the call. 
    • Position yourself somewhere with a plain background or if that isn't possible, take a moment to make sure you are happy with what is in view behind you.
    • Take some time experimenting with the positioning of your webcam. It needs to be at eye level, or slightly above. Have some books or magazines to hand to adjust the position if needed before we begin filming. 
    • Ideally, just your head and shoulders should be framed on the screen, which may mean sitting closer to the camera than you usually do.  

      What to Expect

      Other than the technical requirements above there is nothing you need to do to prepare for the session. Don't plan what you are going to say. This is about being present in the moment.

      • We'll begin with a brief chat to check everything is working well and to get settled.
      • I'll guide you through how to hide your 'self-view' in zoom so you'll just have me on your screen, and won't be distracted by seeing your own image.
      • When I begin recording I'll ask you to close your eyes and to say something so zoom picks up you as the speaker and records your image.  I'll put myself on mute. 
      • When you are ready you open your eyes.  
      • We'll begin with silence. It may feel uncomfortable if you are not used to it, but trust the process, and remember to breathe. 
      • I may then ask a question, or make a comment and invite you to respond with whatever comes to you in the moment.  
      • There is about being. Just being you. There is no right or wrong. 
      • I will be recording using Zoom and the footage will remain confidential between us until you give permission for the edited video to be shared.

      What Happens After the Session?

      • After the session, I will create a short film from your footage. 
      • I'll share the final video with you before adding it to the Community Directory. 

      If you have any questions before our session please message me, and I'll respond as soon as I can.

      Thank you.

      Creative Set-up!

      It is surprising how creative people can be when setting up for our session.


      This one ticked all the boxes; plain background, good lighting, webcam at the right level.

      I had no idea until I saw this photo afterwards that we'd been filming in the bathroom!

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