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Where is Your Attention Today?

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I am wondering what, or more precisely, where, is next for me. Having been in one place for nearly 4 months because of lock-down, next week will see me on the move again.

1st August will be the second anniversary of me selling the family home and letting go of a lifetime of 'stuff'. I never imagined, when I set out on this experiment, that two years later I would still be making it up as I go along.

Yet, it is a choice that I continue to make. And, I appreciate how fortunate I am in this.

Through all the experience I have had during this time, I am getting clearer about what I do want and perhaps it is time to think about settling down again. I want to find a balance between my need for alone-time and my desire to be part of a community. I know I am really good at being independent. Really good. But it isn't what I want forever. I know the power of collaboration, and how much more can be achieved with a team, than can be managed alone.

I want to be involved in something that matters. Something where I feel useful and valued. I am tired of feeling separate and not knowing where I fit. There are some edges to be tested as I prepare to leave Wales and become more intentional about stepping into whatever is next.  

What's happening for you today? Where is your attention?

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