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What Stops You From Starting?

Noticing what gets in the way of doing something new

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Sometimes there are things that I know I want to do but I just can't get started. (There's probably another post to come later about the things I start and don't continue...)

What is it that get's in the way? Is it that I don't want the potential outcome enough? Maybe.

Is it that I don't believe I can actually do it? Yes, sometimes.

The biggest barrier for me perhaps, has been the risk of not being good enough. If I don't start, or I don't share or tell people what I am doing, then I am protected from my fear of appearing foolish, disillusioned, or even down right ridiculous. Yep, that all goes on in my head... you too? Surely it's not only me.

So, it would have to be perfect before I showed up with something. Which inevitably meant never doing it at all, because I could never hope to reach the standard of perfectionism I aspired to, which would in my mind keep me safe from ridicule.

What I have learned with my recent blogging activity is that I just need to do it, letting go of any attachment to the outcome. When I began I had no idea if anyone would even read what I was writing. But turns out you do. Thank you, I appreciate your time and attention.

I have no expectation of people reading everyday, or even reading the whole post - I know they can be a bit long! I write because I want to, and I have something to say. If it has an impact on one person that makes it worthwhile, and if no-one else that person will be me. Guaranteed success every time.

So, if you are holding back from putting your thoughts out there in the world because you are waiting for the right time, or the perfect content, you could ask yourself the question I use when I'm holding back from doing something - "How will I feel next month, or next year, if I don't do this?"

Does any of this resonate with you? Let's not waste any more energy beating yourself up for what you haven't yet done, and instead take one step towards the thing you have been putting off. Start before you are ready. Go!

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