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What's the Point of A Time and Attention Session?

Being open to the possibility of discovery

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Not only is this a question I get asked by others but it's something I often ask myself. It feels hard to put my finger on and to define in a succinct statement.

What I am realising the more I do this, sit with people, edit footage and share short films, is that there are different experiences people have along the way.

For some, their experience will be through watching the short films I share. They may be moved, they may resonate with the emotion, or words, of the person they see on the screen. They may enjoy the opportunity to slow down for a few minutes and be still. Perhaps they'll have an insight into the life of another. Maybe just a reminder that we are all connected.

For others there will be the experience of saying "Yes, I am willing to try this, and to sit with Alison, in front of the camera."

Then the doing of it. The experience of having the time and attention with me, and being open to whatever comes. This is a very individual experience, and what I love about my work is seeing the beauty in each and every person who I work with as they sit with me. No exceptions.

For some, emotion quickly arises as maybe, for the first time, they feel the impact of being given the gift of time and attention. The space is for them, and I am there in service of them. There is no agenda, you don't need to perform or 'be' anything. It is a space to let go and allow your essence room to breathe, and perhaps your inner wisdom an opportunity to be heard. Or, it could be as simple as having space to be with your thoughts and allow your intuition to know what to say, or even to remain silent. Silence is totally fine with me. As are tears, and laughter, and anything else that comes in the moment.

After the session you receive a copy of your footage and the invitation to watch yourself. This can be a huge challenge. HUGE. I know this from my own experience. I have always really hated having my photo taken, or watching myself on video. I'd have to hide behind a cushion and peek over the top, ready to cover my eyes again as I cringed at seeing myself.

My experience of seeing myself for the first time when I was filmed in this way was a shock. Initially, my reaction was to dive straight into all the familiar self judgement about how I looked, what I was saying, the embarrassment of tears and snot bubbles... Yet, as I watched I began to see someone else, I was feeling compassion for this person on the screen. As I let go of the judgements I was so used to making, I was able to see that this woman I was watching was actually okay. She wasn't trying to be someone, or performing, or delivering something. She just was. And that surprisingly to me, was a beautiful thing. I liked her.

For some, there maybe another stage in the process. Sometimes I will create a short film from the footage that was recorded. With the consent of the subject I will share this on my blog, website and social media. This is another threshold to cross. Will they be willing to be seen in this way?

Choosing to share the film with your own friends, family or colleagues is another step. Yet another threshold to cross.

So, it's a multi level experience, from watching the films of others all the way to sharing your own short film with people you know.

So, what is the point? Why would you want to put yourself through this? Well, depending what you are looking for your choice will be different.

If you want to feel connection with other humans then watching the short films is a great way to do that. You may be inspired, moved, or filled with love by watching a stranger being themselves. You may find it a valuable pause in your day to take time to give your full attention to another, with no requirement for anything. And breathe.

If you are curious about what it might be like to experience this, that's a great reason to try it out.

If you crave some time to think, and feel a quality of attention that is rarely experienced, that's another great reason to give this a go.

If you have a question about yourself, your life, or your work that you'd like to pay attention to, that's a great reason to have a session.

If you have an agenda, a message you have rehearsed and planned out, that is not what this is for. If you are willing to sit with the unknown and allow what comes, that is when the magic can happen and you may discover the gold underneath your well crafted message.

If you'd like to know more please do get in touch using the link below.

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