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What Lays Beneath?

Being aware of what is hidden from sight

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Soon after high tide, whilst watching the surfers laying prone on their boards paddling out to sea to catch the waves, I was aware of how different things looked with the water covering the beach.

At low tide, one side of the beach is smooth golden sand, the other covered with jagged rocks and bright green seaweed. With the tide out, it's really clear what is there. Both parts beautiful in their contrast. At high tide, all of that difference is hidden beneath the waves.

As the tide flows out, the differences are uncovered. But they are always there. Just because they are not visible doesn't mean they have gone. At times, the rocks may be a few meters below the waves and no hindrance to the surfers, but as the tide recedes the rocks become closer to the surface, until finally being exposed, and visible.

It had me wondering about people and life, and the differences we can't see. On the surface, it may appear that all is equal. Until something changes, we don't see the foundations on which that life is built.

It's easy to assume that things are just as we see them when the tide is in. Take away the support of the water and what do we find? A golden sandy beach, easy to navigate even in bare feet, or the jagged, slippery rocks which have us trip and fall as we attempt to cross them?
As you go about your day, be curious about what you see and hear, and what might lay beneath, out of sight for now. Does that make you see the situation differently? Please do share what you notice, I'd love to know.   

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