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What is the Point of Being Filmed?

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It's a good question. What is the point of it?

It's not easy to answer, and I often stumble and am not sure what to say. On reflection, I am wondering if maybe it is the question that is the problem. It contains the assumption that there needs to be a 'point', a desired outcome, a goal, a valid reason or maybe even something to be achieved.

Generally this is the case with most things in life. We strive to get somewhere, we follow our dreams, pursue our goals.

But what if we could just 'be'.

What if there wasn't anything to do done.

What if we could take time and space to become present, to connect with our self in a way we rarely allow.

This perhaps is the point of what I do. To give people the experience of time and attention. A space in which to be still, a space in which to become present.

What comes out of this experience is different for each person. For some it's a real challenge to be still; for others it's such a treat to allow themselves to stop; for others it feels very comfortable and they really enjoy the opportunity to see what comes in the moment; yet for some it may result in a flow of emotion as they realise the time and attention is just for them. Whatever happens is completely fine. You will be accepted just as you are.

There is no need for preparation. You have always been you, it may usually be hidden behind a mask, or a role, and this is an opportunity to allow the essence of you to emerge and be seen. This is time for you to be seen and heard.

The films I make from the extended footage that I shoot aim to capture something of the essence of what it is to be human, capturing something universal which connects us.

That perhaps is the point of this.

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