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What Do Solo Travelling And Lock-down Have In Common?

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The two years I have been nomadic have twice seen me away from family and friends for a period of over 4 months.

The first time was on my solo travel adventure to SE Asia. Stretching my comfort zone by heading off into the unknown, with no plan other than to 'make it up as I go along'. Which I did. And, many wonderful experiences unfolded along the way.

The second, was during lock-down, being alone in Wales. Living alone, remote from other people.

Perhaps the first experience prepared me for the second. It was totally different in many ways, but the same core element was present. Me. Alone.

And, perhaps it was the same thing that kept my sanity. Connection with people from all over the world. New people I met, whether in person when travelling, or on-line during lock-down. And, friends in both situations, for whom the miles and separation didn't matter. Technology connected us, and for that, I am very grateful. Connection, real, authentic connection, seeing others, and being seen. That is what feeds my soul.

Do you know what it is that matters to you? What keeps you going when life is challenging? If you aren't sure maybe take a few moments to reflect on seemingly different situations, as I have done here, and see if you notice what might link them.

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