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What are You Waiting For?

Make a choice today to take action, however small

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It hit me this morning, as I was out running (yes, I have just restarted Couch to 5k, and completed Day 3!) that in this current situation many people are in limbo, and are waiting for something to happen or to change.

The UK and much of the world is in lock down. We don't know how long it will be for. No-one can tell us. Yet, many are waiting to be told life can continue as normal. That restrictions have been lifted. We can get on with our lives like we always did.

In the meantime the waiting leaves us in limbo. In a place where we are unsure. A place of uncertainty. A place of not being able to plan ahead.

Uncertainty is hard. We are not used to it. For most people normal life has a lot of certainty. We may not have noticed previously, but most of us took so much for granted, like children going to school everyday, adults going to work, there being toilet roll in abundance on the supermarket shelves, that we could go out and meet friends, go to the cinema and travel wherever we wanted. We knew, or at least thought we knew, how the world worked.

Although this is an incredibly challenging time, with many people working harder than ever and many people suffering, it also feels like a precious time. I've heard it described as a 're-set', or a 're-boot'. Things that were unimaginable just weeks ago are happening. Who knew that air travel could suddenly reduce to such an extent. Or that so many people could work from home and save all that commuting time. That classes that we once restricted to those who could physically get there are being run online and are open to people all over the world. Or, that families geographically separated would be taking time to have dinner together online.

I love that there is so much positivity and connection emerging around the world as people come together to support each other in this very weird time. I want us all to feel connected and to collaborate to create a world of compassion and understanding. And, my small step towards doing that is to continue to offer people the gift of time and attention, and to create short films to be shared with others.

I am not sitting and waiting for it to be possible to physically be with people to film them. I am acting now and using the amazing technology that is available to me to connect with people across the world.

Rather than waiting for life to 'get back to normal', and being in limbo whilst we wait, what choice can you make today to do something differently? What vision do you have for the world post-Covid-19? What small step can you take today towards that vision?

Please let me know what you choose to do today towards how you want the world to be. It's through small individual acts that change will happen, and we can influence the new normal.

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