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Using Zoom To Connect

Giving time and attention across the world

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For the time being, I am no longer able to film in person so I have begun experimenting with the possibility of giving the gift of time and attention, and recording the session, using Zoom.

The experience is certainly different to that of being in the same room as each other, but it seems that there is still potential for deep listening and for allowing inner wisdom and knowing to emerge.

The standard of the footage saved is far from the quality I have achieved using my video camera but I am grateful that something can be recorded. And, it makes me appreciate (in case I had forgotten) that the end result is not measured by the perfectness of the video but by the capturing of the essence, or presence, and the authenticity and undefendedness of the person in the film.

That is what matters. The seeing of them. Both for themselves, and for others who may watch a short film.

This change to working practice is adding a whole new, and previously unexpected, level to the learning I am doing. Yet, it is also opening up a whole world - quite literally - of possibilities. No longer am I limited by geography to determine who I am able to sit with and film. Anyone, anywhere with an internet connection and access to Zoom is now potentially able to sit with me.

If you'd like to book a session click here to select a date and time that works for you. There is no charge at this time. If you are new to Zoom or would like a chat first before booking a session then click here to book a free 15 minute chat.

The theme I am exploring in the coming week is what is present for you in this moment. You don't need to prepare anything (in fact, I urge you not to), just show up in the Zoom room at the time you book and we'll be together and see what emerges. And, hopefully, (with the consent of the people filmed) I will be able to create and share some new films in the coming weeks.

Whilst this is what my focus for the week, I am wondering what in your world has changed, and how are you able to do things differently than you previously expected. How creative are you able to be in how you continue with life whilst in this weird situation of being told to 'stay at home'? What gift have you discovered? Please do let share, it may well inspire others.

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