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The Satisfaction of Stripes in the Lawn

What can help us rise to a challenge

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Today, I was in the garden learning a new skill. The lawn needed cutting, all the recent sunshine has been encouraging it (and the daisies) to grow. But, the mower here is a huge petrol-driven proper grown-up machine. Not something I have ever used before. I am more of a hover mower fan usually, and a lawn about the size of a postage stamp.

My initial thoughts were, 'I don't want to do this. That machine is a monster. '


I needed instruction. And, thanks to the wonders of technology I was able to be led through all the switches and controls, and the handling techniques using a video call on Whatsapp.

Having successfully manoeuvred it out of the shed, I attempted my first tug on the starter cord. And then a second, and third. My thoughts were 'I can't do this'. But, as I am all alone here I didn't really have much option. I needed to put on my big girl knickers and get on with it. On the fourth attempt it worked, and the mower jumped into life.

The calm and patient guidance I was receiving via Whatsapp, and the belief he clearly had that I could do this, encouraged me to persevere. Next step was to get it moving. My kind instructor left me to try it out before calling back to check in with my progress.

A couple more tips received and I was off, and a few runs later and I was feeling competent. Within 90 minutes of opening the shed, I had completed my task and created a striped lawn. It is certainly a skill that will take some practice, my stripes are a bit on the random and wobbly side, but they are certainly there. (No, that's not me and my lawn in the photo).

My insight for the day is that having someone believe in us, and trust in our ability to master something new, can be invaluable in us making a success of it. I felt very accomplished when I stood back to admire the newly stripy lawn. I did that, thanks to Peter for trusting that I could.

I am wondering what you have been able to achieve, that maybe you were unsure of because someone else believed in your ability? Or, perhaps you have trusted and believed in another and as a result, they have successfully overcome a challenge. Please let me know what you notice.

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