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The Gift of Attention

Time to listen, time to hear, time to be

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Monday morning 9am, I have a filming session booked in. It's Easter Monday, a bank holiday. Didn't I want a day off today? Yes, maybe I did. But I am so grateful that I didn't.

My week has begun in the most wonderful and unexpected way. The more 'Time and Attention' sessions I do the more I appreciate the work I am doing. Each and every one is different. Each time, a new human shows up on my screen. Some I have met before, some I know from 'real life' (remember that, when we used to physically meet up with people!) . Each is unique. And, that is what I am here for. To see and hear (even in silence) the unique version of each person. This is not about being a someone, or telling me something, or about being clever, or even wise. It is about having a space to be.

A precious time to be with yourself, whilst I am there with you. I'm not sure what it is that I do. Perhaps I 'hold the space', but that's not it. We are in the space together. Maybe there isn't even a space. We are together, we are connected. That's it.

This is time for you. We can sit in silence. You can speak. We can have more silence, or more words. There is no right, or wrong. This is time and attention for you, however it arrives in the moment.

If this is beginning to sound rather weird and a bit woo woo, that's fine with me. It can be. And, also, it doesn't have to be. If that's not where you are, that's totally fine. We will be in the space together with whatever it is that comes. No agenda, no need.

It's certainly unusual. If you are wondering if this is for you, maybe it is. As much as I'd love it to be for everyone, it is not. Not everyone is ready to be seen. The only criteria that seems to matter, is that you are willing.

And so my experiment with filming remotely continues. Another film to be released on Friday.

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