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The Challenge of Doing Things Differently

Using this opportunity to be curious about our choices

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This morning, for the first time, I ventured out of the beautiful Welsh valley that has been my home for the past week. I was surprised at what a challenge it was. Something as simple as going to buy food felt like a huge undertaking which needed careful planning and a lot of decisions.

I would need to pack up my camper van in order to drive it; Murdock needed to come with me so had to be well walked before we set off; we'd need to go early before the day got too hot to leave him in the van; I'd have to negotiate the gates, and be aware of the alpacas; it would be good to be washed and dressed and somewhat presentable; oh, and I'd need a face covering for in the supermarket too. And, importantly, I needed to know where I was going.

It got me wondering about doing things for the first time, and how different it can be when compared to something familiar or habitual. The decisions we have to make. The anxiety we may feel.

When we've done it once, it often becomes easier the next time. But in that ease that comes with repetition do we stop noticing and appreciating the detail, do we become complacent? Do we go into auto pilot and find we've driven somewhere and have not even registered the journey?

With the changes that Covid-19 has brought to the world in the past few months, we were certainly been given the opportunity to pay more attention to what we do as so many of the things we took for granted were no longer possible.

Will you revert back to exactly what you were doing before, as soon as you can, or are you ready to pay attention and perhaps make some different choices? I know I am ready to make some different choices. They may be big, they may be small, I don't yet know. But, I do know that although it may feel uncomfortable initially, the new opportunities and experiences will be worth it.

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