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The Benefit of Taking A Break

What I learned whilst not blogging in June

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At the beginning of June after 4 months of posting five times a week I stopped and took an unplanned break from my daily blogging routine. I thought it might last a week or two but it turned into a month.

Today seems like an auspicious day to return. It's the 1st July, and it's the 100th day of my lock-down experience in Wales.

What did I learn by taking a month off?  

My blogging habit was easily dropped. Initially I was very aware I wasn't doing it, but within a week I didn't know how I fitted it in, and within a fortnight I'd practically forgotten that I ever did.

I feel better when I am creating something everyday. I need to be creating something, whether it's cooking, writing, film-making, gardening or sewing, and preferably a variety of different things. If I just consume, be it food, Netflix or social media (and most likely a combination of all of them at the same time) my mood declines and I loose my motivation to do anything else.

I missed having the routine of writing everyday. Living alone, and isolated for 14 weeks, has been easier when I have had a routine. Writing a daily blog post was an important part of that. Seems like I needed to let it go to notice what was missing and how important it was.

It's surprising how quickly a month passes. For me, time has flown this past month. I slowed down and stopped pushing myself so hard as I accepted that life wasn't going to change much in Wales anytime soon. But change is coming in July and I am not yet clear what that might look like for me. Will this be a time of anxiety or of adventure? that probably depends on how I choose to look at it...

How was June for you? What changed in your world? What did you learn about your habits and behaviours? I'd love to know what you have noticed.

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