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So, You Want To Make a Difference?

What does Making a Difference really mean to you?

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When asked what people want from life I often hear them say 'I want to make a difference'.

Great. That's nice. But what does it mean? How will you know that you got there, how will you know what to do?

I have been studying with Seth Godin and his Akimbo Workshops over the past 9 months and the thing that has really stuck with me is the question "What is the change you are trying to make?"

I first heard it asked in relation to marketing a product or service, but it seems to be a great place for anyone who 'wants to make a difference' to begin.

What is it that you want to be different, what change are you going to make? Once we get clear about what matters to us we can begin to take action and make things happen.

One of my favourite ways of working with my camera is to give you the time and attention to explore a question that matters to you. It could be this one about what difference you want to make, or it could be something else. We create a space where you can dive deeply into your question and, without interruption, or distracting questions, allow your own inner wisdom the freedom to discover your own answer.

If you are curious about whether this might be for you please do check out my website and get in touch.

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