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Seemingly Incompatible Uses Sharing a Space

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Today I found myself parked in my van in the same spot I used to work from daily back in March this year. It's a lay-by on the common, not far from where I used to live. It's a wonderful spot. Extensive views, wide open skies.

The cows were out in force. Hundreds of them as happens every summer, free-roaming over the common. Sharing the space with golfers on the golf course, traffic on the roads and dog walkers. It's an amazing mix of seemingly incompatible uses, but somehow it works.

It's not without its issues, but on the whole, it is fine. People and animals are mostly, it seems, accepting of each other's right to be there. It feels important today. To notice this. Acceptance of others with different needs and priorities to our own, all sharing the same space.

This combinations of uses fails all sorts of expectations about how things 'should' be. Different uses segregated into different areas. Fences. Barriers. Rules. Regulations. Instead, free-roaming cattle wandering across the roads, as slow as they like. Not a care in the world. Drivers making a choice about their response to the delay in their journey. Taking a moment to breathe and enjoy the pause in their day. Or, beeping of horns, or exiting of cars and shooing the cattle out of their path.

What is your response to this arrangement? Maybe a curiosity about how this can be, or perhaps a desire to control and regulate, or an acceptance that this is how it is and enjoying the diversity. How might this response be playing out in other areas of your life?

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