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Seeking Silence, and Losing The Plot

I'm working from my campervan this week and have been seeking out peaceful places to park up and quietly get on with my work.

Today, I am on the edge of beautiful woodland. But, I am being challenged. My very sensitive senses are being attacked.

To be fair, there were signs that all would not be peaceful as I entered the car park. Red warning triangle signs and men in hi-vis jackets. Tree felling! Oh, that might be nice. Maybe I'll see some lovely lumberjacks swinging their axes... Nah, that's not how it works. It's heavy machinery. I am surprised at how sensitive I feel to the sounds of timber being felled. Not just the machines but the sound of trees tearing and splitting.

If that wasn't enough there is now a van parked next to me which has had its engine running for 20 minutes. I tried to zone it out. It works for a moment. Then once again it penetrates my peace and jangles my nerves.

What's up with me? Why am I being sooooo sensitive to everything?

I can't find the gold in this right now. I really am feeling out of sorts these days. My inclination is to hide for a while and not post anything whilst I am in this struggle. But perhaps you might resonate, or have someone close to you who's feeling challenged by life these days. So here is it.

And, today black and white photos seemed very appropriate. The colours in the woods were muted and I love the contrast of the black and white.

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