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Paying Attention to The Positives

How a simple daily practice can help our focus

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I have felt quite ungrounded the past few days, with a sense that the world that I believed was stable is shifting right under my feet. It's made me think of the impact of an earthquake, like the ones which hit Lombok in 2018.

The very earth that people stood on was violently shaken. Not just once, but many, many times as the aftershocks continued. I recall visiting a village that had been totally flattened by the impact of the violent shaking, and hearing people describe the experience. The unimaginable feeling of that which we had always trusted to be solid, and dependable, to suddenly be unpredictable and uncertain.  

It's easy and totally understandable to get caught up in all the negatives of the current situation. So much is changing, so fast. Plans being cancelled, income lost, regular activities stopped, shortages of essential supplies in the shops, changes to working arrangements and a constant feed of new information to digest. It can become all-encompassing and threaten to overwhelm us.

A practice that helps me (especially if I take time to do it every day) is to make a list of 3 things I am grateful for or appreciate. They can be really small things that maybe we normally take for granted.

Today, I am grateful:
For the hot cup of coffee I am drinking as I write this,
That I can access the internet on my phone,
That Murdock (the dog) had his first dry night in a very long time. Yipeeee!

What can you put on your list today?

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