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Overcoming The Resistance To Trying Something New

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Call them what you like. Excuses, reasons, objections or, maybe even just resistance. They all have the same effect. They get in the way of us trying something new.

A few months ago I'd been invited to join an on-line exercise session being run by a friend. It sounded great but it clashed with something else I was doing. Later when things changed and I could have attended there always seemed to be a good reason why I didn't.

Then the sessions took a break in August. Oh, missed my chance...

This week it's back. I put it in my diary for Wednesday morning. All good intentions. But when it came to it, I went headlong into my list of excuses, resistance, and reasons why not. Actually, I was scared. Scared of trying something new, and unknown.

So, how could I get around this? First, I had to admit to myself what was going on. I had to stop believing the excuses I had made. I messaged my friend and admitted my apprehension, and what was really getting in the way of me joining the session.

I received a very lovely reply, which made me feel really seen and understood. All my questions were answered and I felt I'd be very welcome. So, I went to bed with the intention of joining the class at 8.30am the next morning.

What I didn't plan for was having a bad headache in the night which disturbed my sleep and left me feeling pretty rubbish in the morning. I couldn't possibly manage the class now. Well, that's what I told myself. Until 8.20am when I realised how disappointed I'd be if I missed it yet again. So, bleary-eyed, I logged in and joined the class.

I've had a lot of calls on Zoom over the past 6 months, for work, pleasure, learning, and entertainment, but this was the first exercise class. My fears soon evaporated as I recognised a couple of people, and was introduced to the others. The class was great. Just what I needed to get in touch with my body again. It is now in my diary. I will be back. Although I haven't worked out quite how I'll manage when I'm staying my van. But, I am sure I can be creative.

Is there something you've thought about doing but have put off, letting the excuses turn into reasons? If you dared to admit it, what might be the real reason for not taking action? And, knowing that, what small step could you take towards giving it a go?

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