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My Happy Place

The joy of making a decision and following through

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I know that being by the sea is my happy place. Doesn't really matter if it is somewhere hot and sunny, or somewhere grey, wet and windy. Being by the sea, and perhaps even better than that, being in the sea, brings me joy.

Yet, I hadn't seen the sea for 5 months (and I live in the UK surrounded by sea). So, what stopped me from taking the time to go and indulge my passion?

Oh, so many things. Thoughts like these:

It will take too much time to get there,

Is really worth the effort,

I really should be busy doing other things, and

There are so many options I don't know which to choose!

Finally, last weekend I decided it really was time to get over all this indecision and I put one foot in front of the other (I actually got in my van and drove) and found myself in Rhossili Bay on the Gower in South Wales. The sun was shinning, the wind was blowing. I reconnected with the elements and felt amazing. Walking on the beach I felt calm, ground and relaxed. As well as a great sense of satisfaction that I had taken time to listen to what I needed, and acted upon it. Just the act of making a decision and following through gave me a buzz.

It reminded me that sometimes we can find so many reasons not to do something, when actually sometimes it is possible to just 'decide and do'.

Is there something that gives you joy that you haven't done for a while? Or maybe you have a strategy for ensuring you regularly do the things that bring you joy? I'd love to hear what your thing is or where your 'happy place' is.

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