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Making It Up As I Go Along

How I choose to live my life

It's now been 18 months since I sold my house, let go of most of my possessions and adopted the mantra of "making it up as I go along". So it seems like a good time for a little reflection.

My early career was spent as a Town Planner, and then as an IT consultant. My life was all about structure, procedures, plans and regulations. And that worked for me. I liked to know where I was and what was expected.

It was a conscious choice not to 'downsize'. I didn't know what I wanted next so wasn't going to rush into making a decision. My children has grown and flown, and after 20 years of single parenting I was ready for something completely different. I was really curious about how it would be to be Alison, with no labels, no roles and no attachments and no permanent home.

I have surprised myself. I had no idea that I could live like this. It did take time to adapt and spending four months travelling alone in Indonesia really cemented it as a way of being. I followed my nose. I gave myself the freedom not to know what was next which allowed opportunities to open up that I couldn't have planned. It took courage to adopt a habit of saying 'yes' to things, and trusting that all would be well.

I am enormously grateful that I have been able to create this opportunity for living my life very differently, at least for now. I really didn't know what would happen as I stepped into the unknown but what I have discovered is that I don't have to rely on having my own home in order to feel safe and secure. I have discovered I am more adaptable than I ever knew.

Often people express envy at the path I have chosen and say it would be impossible for them to do. Is it something you would consider? Or have you had other types of adventures when you reached a point in life when you created the freedom to choose? Please do share in the comments below.

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