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Learning To Take Care Of Ourselves

The gift of stopping, even for a short while

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Do you know when it's time to stop and take a break?

I have been bonkers busy for the past 6 weeks, and really enjoying having so many things I want to do. Yet, over the past week or so I have been feeling really tired and have pushed myself to keep going regardless. Today I have hit a wall. I am exhausted. I finally admit it. I need to stop. My body is protesting very loudly.

Much as I like to deny it, I do have CFS/ME and I really do need to pace myself. But, that is boring. Really boring. When I am excited about life, about filming, about editing, about creating films, about gardening, painting, cooking, sewing, walks in nature and photography, it is hard to pace myself.

Feeling this way is sadly familiar. I would have liked to have learned to avoid pushing myself to this point but I clearly haven't mastered that yet. I do know what I need to do, and that is to give myself permission to stop. To give myself a break. Even writing that feels hard, and bring up tears of frustration, and disappointment.
There is so much I want to be getting on with. So much chatter in my head about what I should be doing. To take time to stop and rest feels wrong. But I know it is what I need to do, because if I don't take care of myself now I won't be able to bounce back and get on with all those things I love.

Is there something that you catch yourself doing, time and again, that you'd rather not? Do you have a pattern of behaviour that you'd rather not admit to, or perhaps are unconscious it's even something you repeat? I'm getting the message loud and clear today that pacing is necessary for me to be able to function well, without getting into a cycle of crash and burn. I can do it. I know it works. And, I need to stop telling myself that it is boring! Instead I will tell myself that self-care a gift to myself which enables me to be available to others.

What new message could you tell yourself? Presuming, of course, that you haven't already got every aspect of your life sorted....


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