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Knowing Your Approach To The Rules

What might you see differently?

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Growing up we learn the 'rules'. The rules in our own homes of what is allowed, what's not allowed. The rules at school. The social rules. The rule of the law. The unwritten rules. Conventions. Expectations. It gives us a framework and a structure by which we can live our lives and be a part of society.

When I decided to sell my home and let go of most of my possessions I wasn't following the rules. I didn't do anything illegal but I did break the conventions of what was expected. To not have a plan, to be embarking on an experiment and to be letting go of material things was unusual. But, it was what I had chosen to do.

Since my life took an unexpected turn in 1999, when my husband broke the 'rules' and left our marriage, I have been less attached to how things are 'meant to be', and have become more and more curious about how they could be. Usually it's when times have been challenging that I have looked for alternatives.

I still don't know the answers. I can choose to accept what is expected of me (and perhaps what I expect of myself), or I can choose to take a different path. There is certainly no right way, and one way isn't better or worse than another. It's a choice we can make. Even, and maybe especially, when we don't feel we have a choice. Perhaps that's the time to be even more curious about what might be possible.

Around the world we have all been dealing with a new set of rules and expectations in the last few months. The lives we have been used to leading have changed as we adjust to measures intended to control the pandemic. Looking at your response to these changes may give you an insight to your approach to rules, and expectations, in your life.

Do you feel more secure when you are told exactly what to do, and what is expected of you, and everyone else? And, consider it essential that everyone plays by the same rules.

Maybe, you need to understand why a rule is in place for you to be able to follow it? If you can see the point of it then you'll be more likely to accept it.

Or, do you find yourself battling with rules and expectations you disagree with? If you disagree with what is expected you can't follow it.

We are all different, and see things in different ways. I'm curious about how your attitude to rules, expectations and conventions plays out in your life. If you looked again at your approach to rules and conventions, what might you see? Perhaps there are new possibilities that you have yet to discover. Do let me know what you notice.

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