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Whilst on the beach in Pembrokeshire recently I was very aware of a lot of plastic washed in from the sea. Mostly fragments of water bottles, and food wrappers. 

So, what did I do?
Did I have a moan about how awful it was, despair about the state of the ocean, complain that 'they' should clear it up or, just get on with quietly picking up as much as I could.

Yep, that last one. The more I looked, the more I saw and soon I had a bag full of plastic. The beach was empty other than a couple having their lunch at the far end. I like to think they might be inspired to pick up a few pieces next time. It's not hard. We don't need permission. We can just do it. Every little helps. And, I got to enjoy the Welsh coastline with a lovely sense of satisfaction that I had done my little bit to help.

This can be applied to many situations, not just picking up plastic from the beach. Maybe you noticed have noticed something that bothers you. What could you do about it, if you chose to? Imagine how you might feel to have made a difference.

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