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Humbled by Humans

Feeling the gift of being trusted by others

· Filming,Being Seen and Heard

Just a few weeks ago I believed that I had to physically be with someone in order to give them a Time and Attention filming experience.

All that changed when I realised I need to be doing this work now. I couldn't wait for 'the pandemic to be over', or for things to be 'back to normal'. And so, I decided to take a leap and try filming online using Zoom. It was to be an experiment (which is my favourite way of trying anything new, particularly things that feel scary, challenging or risky).

In just a matter of weeks I have learned a huge amount about working remotely. I have had technical issues galore, yet I have been resourceful and found ways to overcome them. I have had a wonderful variety of people sit and allow me to witness them. There have been tears, laughter and insights. (Often all in the same session). I feel so touched that people have trusted me to witness them.

I have already created and published 4 short films from the remotely recorded footage. Love for Yourself; Unconditional Love; Seeding Wisdom and We Need Each Other. And there are many other films just waiting to be made too.

The response I have had to the impact of my work, both from people I have sat with, and people who have watched the films, has been wonderful, and rather overwhelming. I am adjusting to the idea that this really is something I am good at, and has an impact on people.

This week I am taking time for reflection and review. Watch this space what what is coming next....

If you too have tried something new recently, how did it go? What did you learn about what's possible when you take action? Or, maybe you've had an idea but have not yet taken the first step. What might you 'experiment' with this week?

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