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How Showing Up Every Day Created My Blogging Habit

Celebrating three months of Alison's Musings

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A week or so into January this year, I made a commitment that I would begin blogging 5 days a week at the start of February.

I had tried blogging a few years ago. I'd got some great feedback on the few posts I shared but amongst other things, the fear of the next post not being good enough kicked in. And I stopped.

So, this time I was going to be prepared. I made a clear commitment. Every weekday I would share a post. I gave myself time (February was weeks away). I held the lovely thought that as the starting date was some time in the future, by then I'd be somehow transformed into a super organised person with a 'vault' of pre-prepared posts ready to share.

Funny how things don't turn out how you imagine. I didn't write a single post ahead of time. And, it's continued that way. Hot off the press is the way I work. Give me a deadline and I will work right up to it. I am sure I am not alone in this, although I have heard there are people who are always ahead of the game and never have a last minute panic to meet a deadline. We're all different.

Today is a celebration. This post marks three complete months - a quarter of a year - of me blogging five days a week. I have now shared 64 posts, including 12 short films. Wow! How did I do that! One post at a time. One day at a time.

To begin with, it was hard. A discipline I needed to build into my life. I had no idea if anyone was reading what I wrote, and that was fine. I wrote things I wasn't sure about posting, but because I had a commitment to myself, I pressed publish anyway, often with my eyes closed and pretending I wasn't doing it.

At some point, I discovered that this had become a 'thing that I do'. It switched from being a thing I must remember to do, make myself do, to something that I just couldn't not do. The idea of breaking my streak, and letting down my reader (thank you so much to you, dear reader) was enough to ensure that every weekday I have shipped. And, every Friday I have shared a short film - often a brand new creation, straight from the cutting room.

Through repetition and consistency, I have formed a habit. Something I do instinctively. I don't need a reminder, I just do it.

Have you ever started a new habit, and managed to stick with it? Do you recall a point when you realised it was easier to continue than to stop?
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