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How A Small Change Can Make a Huge Difference

During my adventure in Wales last week I called to book a campsite for a couple of nights. Great relief that there was space for my van and the toilets were open too.

I arrived at dusk and was given a choice of 2 pitches. Each was immediately adjacent to other vans. I chose the one that backed onto a tall hedge. But, compared to the same site I had just left if it felt like a car park, with caravans and motorhomes neatly aligned in adjacent pitches.

The view from my windows was of caravans. Sadly, this was not what I had imagined when I'd booked a pitch on a small campsite on a working farm. I felt hemmed in. Claustrophobic. Although I had booked and paid for 2 nights, I decided I would leave the next day.

To my surprise, the next morning whilst taking Murdock for a walk I discovered right behind the hedge was an open field with amazing views of the surrounding hills, and just one caravan parked in it. I asked if I could move there, already thinking it was probably not possible for some reason, and got the response "yes, of course you can, but are you sure you want to?". My response. "Yes, I am sure. I do".

So, after a day out, I returned to the campsite and parked my van in the field. My views were stunning, the sunset gorgeous. I was just 10 metres from the previous pitch but it was like a different world.

For some people, the proximity of other people and vans makes them feel safe, makes them feel part of something and gives them what they are looking for. They think I am odd for wanting to be alone in a field. I am happy to be odd.

So, my 2 night stay, which I was ready to leave after one night, actually turned into a 9 night stay! I had everything I needed. Beautiful views, a field where Murdock could run off the lead, toilets nearby, a shower 2 minutes walk away, electric hook-up when I needed it and great internet connection.

I wonder what is just through the hedge, or around the corner, from where you are now. What if you could change your perspective, what would you see, how would your experience be changed? Sometimes what we want really isn't far away at all. And, I discovered it's possible to find what we are looking for if we keep our eyes open and are willing to ask for something different. I'd love to hear what you might discover that's closer than you thought. Do let me know.

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