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Having An Impact, However Small

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My head feels full. I have had many thought provoking conversations over the past couple of weeks. There are some common themes, as you might guess. Covid. Politics. Education. Uncertainty.

There seems to be little space for what might once have been 'the everyday'. It feels like there are big juicy topics to be digested, and in the light of so much global struggle it feels wrong to be focusing on the small details of life.

But, doing just that, is what has given me most satisfaction these past few days. Taking action with things I can have an impact on. Cleaning has felt really satisfying. Replacing grotty old sealant in the kitchen with fresh white silicone. Fixing a hook to hang a tea-towel, and another for an oven glove. Small details but each has an impact on the ease of everyday life.

What small thing could you achieve today, or tomorrow, which will bring a little ease to your life? And, perhaps a sense of satisfaction and achievement that you too have had an impact on something, however insignificant it may seem.

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