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Going Where The Energy Is

Today has been a hard slog. Not for any particular reason. I am just tired and feel like I am wading through treacle.

Sometimes it means I need to listen to my body and have a rest. Other times I get more energised if I do something physical. It's made me realise how much joy I get from creating or transforming something with my hands, whether that is painting, or gardening or sewing.

Yesterday, I gave an old bench a new lease of life with a coat of paint which was very satisfying. Today, I have completed a film and that too was satisfying but in a different way.

Now my dilemma this evening is should I oil the garden chairs, or take Murdock for a walk on the beach. Both are important, and both will be enjoyable but the first I only need to do once, and the second will need doing again tomorrow. So, do I put off the dog walk or do I find a way to do both?

How do you decide what you will do next? Have you noticed what gets top priority in your life, or when you have different options how do you decide?  

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