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Giving Time and Attention Remotely

Learning through doing

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Embracing the power of technology, I have been experimenting with remote sessions. I am learning a lot.

My first remotely recorded film was released last week: We Need Each Other.

Although it is clearly a very different experience to an in-person session it seems to be working.

What have I learned? 

  1. People still need to be seen and heard, and to know that they are enough, just as they are.
  2. It feels unusual to not be together in the same room but there is still a quality of attention, witnessing and connection that occurs despite the physical separation.
  3. I can work things out as I go along.
  4. I can ask for help, and people are very willing to assist.
  5. The power of the technology we have today is amazing!
  6. I have something I can contribute even whilst alone in a remote location.
  7. And, most important of all:-

I had to dare to begin.

Nothing would happen until I took a first step.

How about you?
Are you finding ways to do things differently these days? Have you had an idea of something you could do but have not yet dared to begin? What could your first step be? What if you treated it as an experiment, with no need to get it perfect?

If you'd like some time and attention please click the link below to book your slot. If you'd like a chat first, and/or haven't used Zoom before book in for a 15 minute appointment. There is currently no charge for either of these.

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