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From Rural Living to City Life

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In the last 8 days, I have gone from the tranquillity of sleeping in my camper van in a little Welsh valley, to a bed indoors in a familiar town and then yesterday landing in the heart of a city. Here there is no darkness at night. No bird song. Constant noise of traffic and sirens. All night long.

Here, in the city, I am with my son for the first time in six months. It is such a delight to be with him. The impact on my senses is a cost I am willing to endure.

As I emerge from my particularly isolated experience of lock-down, I realise I am on a new journey of discovery. So many wonderful, and at times challenging, conversations and experiences have occurred over the past couple of weeks. All are being processed, both consciously and unconsciously, and are helping me become clear about my next step.

A place to call home has become a much more pressing matter than before when I was very content to be nomadic. Now I am ready. I have a clear vision of the sort of space I want to be in. As yet, I don't have a clear idea of where it might be located.
Today, I feel excited about the plan to have my own home this coming winter. That surprises me. I didn't expect to feel this way. But then the world has changed, and along with it I am adapting and changing.

What have you noticed about your plans, or dreams or expectations as we find our way in these uncertain times? Has anything surprised you?

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