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Feeling Anxious About What To Write

Noticing my resistance

· Attention,Being Seen and Heard

In the past week or so I have become aware that I am feeling anxiety around what I write and share on my blog. This is a new feeling and I am curious about it.

When I began writing here in February I made the decision to just do it. To not be concerned about who might be reading. Just write as if no-one was reading. Because I wanted to. If someone read it and liked what I wrote that'd be a bonus.

Now, almost 4 months later, I am aware that people are reading this, including you. Is that what is stopping me, is that getting in my way? Have I developed late-onset stage fright? Perhaps the idea that I am being seen and heard is now getting in my way.


I find I am censoring myself these days. I seem to be paying a lot of attention to my inner critic, who is more often than not being very vocal. However, I am not allowing the resistance to win and am still posting everyday (even if it does get a bit late before it arrives). I will continue to be curious and notice what I am noticing.

And, I am curious about your curiosity too. Have you noticed a change in how you feel about something you have been doing for a while? Are you curious about what's changed? I'd love to know what you have noticed.

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