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Facing Uncertainty

Coping in this challenging time

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Today it feels like everything is uncertain. The Covid-19 virus is rapidly spreading around the world. The news tells us of hundreds of deaths, of Italy being in lock down and plummeting stock markets.

There is so much uncertainty as we wait to hear what decisions are being taken at a Government level about how to contain the spread of the virus in the UK. In the meantime decisions are being made by companies, and individuals, using what information they have available at the time, and this is constantly changing. Some events are already being cancelled, others are not, some are continuing as normal, others are taking steps to minimise risks.

No-one knows the 'right' thing to do.

At what point do we start to change our behaviour in response to the threat? I have what I believe to be a cold. I feel pretty rubbish but colds often have that effect. Is it a cold? Could it be Covid-19? I don't know. In normal circumstances I'd just get on with it. Put myself to bed for a couple of days maybe. But today it feels serious. Not necessarily for me but for people I come into contact with. So I am keeping away from everyone.

A monthly meeting I was due to be speaking at on Friday, rather than being cancelled, has just been moved to an online meeting. That feels like a good response.
It's important that we don't feel alone and isolated at this time, even if physically that is what will have to happen. The power of technology to allow us to connect online is going to be really valuable in the coming weeks and months as we live through this period of huge uncertainty.
I was listening to Seth Godin speaking yesterday and rather than obsessing about the news, or scrolling through social media, and feeding our anxiety even more, he was encouraging people to take this opportunity to learn something new.
How about running a meeting online instead of in person? Changemakers Network Stroud are trying that for the first time on Friday. Who knows what new possibilities and challenges that may open up, but we are willing to try it out. It's certainly not the same as the in person meetings we are used to, with warm hugs and cups of tea, but it is the option that seems very appropriate this week.

What might you learn in the coming weeks? In what way are you willing to be curious and try something different. Our options may be very different to what we are used to but what creative ways can you discover to do, or learn, something new, that will support you, and potentially others, either now or in the future?

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