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Enjoying the Moment

Taking the opportunity whilst you can

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The weather in the UK has been wet, windy and wild for what seems like months now.

The other day, after watching the seemingly endless rain, I realised the sun had put in an appearance. "That's nice", I thought, and continued with my task.

Moments later I had a word with myself. "Get out there. Now." So, on with my boots, hat, coat and off I went to catch the last rays of sunshine before it set.

It didn't last long, maybe 15 minutes, but wow, it was worth it. Feeling the shift in my mood, the sea air on my face, and being able to capture some images to share made the short trip to the sea a really wonderful little interlude in my day.

How often to you deny yourself the possibility of connecting with nature because you have too much to do, or perhaps you tell yourself you will get outside later, but later never comes (or it's already dark by the time you are ready)?   

I am learning to seize the moment, and prioritise being outside during the short winter daylight hours in the UK.

What will you do today to connect with nature, and give yourself a boost?

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