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Do you see weeds or wildflowers?

Changing your perspective

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Here, in my little corner of Wales nature is in full bloom in the hedgerows. As I walk along the lanes I am astounded by the beauty of the wildflowers and ferns. Sometimes there's a mix of plants, other places it's banks of wild garlic in full flower. Further along I come across a few bluebells in amongst the cow parsley. Then there are the ferns. I just love the beautiful way they unfurl as the new fronds emerge.

Enjoying this natural beauty today, I got thinking about how our perspective influences how we see something.

For me, the abundance of these plants is wonderful, but to others perhaps it's not how they see them. They might prefer neat grass verges, they may be frustrated as the plants take over their gardens, perhaps they set off their allergies or invade their fields.
Same plants. Different perspective depending on our personal viewpoint.
Is there something in your life that you have a clear opinion about? If you tried looking from a different perspective what might you see?



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