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Do We Really Get More of What We Focus On?

More observations from the beach

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On my, now daily, walk along the beach with Murdock, I have taken to looking for heart shaped pebbles.

When I first started this practice I'd be lucky to find one, or sometimes two, and I wasn't that fussy about the shape, if it was vaguely heart shaped it would do.

A couple of weeks in, it seems as if the whole beach is covered in heart shaped stones. Everywhere I look there's another one. And another. And another.

So now, I am able to be more discerning about what passes the quality control test. Many that in previous days I would have happily collected are now left on the beach. But still my collection grows.

I got me wondering about what else this applies to in life. Have you noticed that when we put our attention on something, suddenly we see it everywhere? And, as we become more attuned with our attention, we become more sensitive to the subtleties of what we see. For me, right now, my attention is drawn to timber framed farm buildings. Previously I didn't really notice them, but now I see them everywhere and the more I see the more attention I pay to the detail.

What are you paying attention to?

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