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Do The Geese Feel Left Behind?

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It is wet today here in Wales. Very wet. So wet in fact that it's even possible to capture the rain in a photo.

It's giving me time to contemplate and reflect. To catch up with myself after being busy. I could still be busy, but there is something about the combination of the beautiful place I find myself in, and the weather, that is just asking me to breathe out and be still.

I witnessed a family of Canada geese fly out of the valley for the first time yesterday, they haven't returned. The remaining family are a few weeks younger and not yet ready to leave. I found myself watching them and wondering how they were feeling. My first reaction was that they must feel sad to have been left behind and will be missing their 'friends'. I actually have no idea what geese feel or think. But it was so easy to impose my own thoughts on to their experience.

Others may have looked at the remaining geese and thought, 'they need to buck their ideas up, they are behind in the training programme', or 'how lucky are they to now get the lake to themselves for a while', or 'that's just not fair, they should have waited until they were all ready to leave', or perhaps 'oh, that's interesting, I wonder what happens next'.

Each person bringing their own perspective of the world and how it works. What would your response have been? One of the above, or something different?

It made me realise how easy it is to impose our own judgement on a situation that we don't fully understand. We each approach life from our own viewpoint, bringing our own values and beliefs, which isn't necessarily the 'truth', just our own view of it. It feels more and more necessary in these challenging times around the world that we take time to pause, pay attention and be curious about what we see. And, only then to respond.

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