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Do I Want A Place to Call Home?

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This week I have been wondering about 'home'. I haven't had my own home for almost two years now and having just left the place I had been staying during lock-down for what turned out to be four months, I am contemplating what it is I want.

Yesterday I found myself thinking about my old home. I loved that house. I can just imagine walking in the front door, hanging up my coat, passing down the hall to the kitchen, popping the kettle on and then settling down at the table with a lovely cuppa as I gaze out the windows at the fabulous view. It feels as fresh in my mind as if it were yesterday I was there. But, it's been home for a new family for a while now.

I have always loved creating a home for my family. But when it's only for me I don't have the same motivation or desire. I have learned about myself over the past couple of years and it is really liberating to know that I can manage without my own home and all the accumulated stuff of a lifetime around me. That is very freeing and has opened up opportunities I would never otherwise have had.

But, today, in this very uncertain world, I am feeling the need to plan ahead and begin to wonder where I might spend the winter. It certainly feels clear now that it involves a space I can call my own. I am getting ready to imagine the next step and to begin to act with intention about what is coming next.

What do you need to feel 'at home'? And, how are you feeling about taking a next step towards something right now, at this very odd and unsettling time?

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