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Confessions of a Reluctant Reader

How Many Books Have you Started and not Finished?

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My intention was to write a brief book review of something I have read recently, but when it came to it, I realised that I hadn't actually finished any of the numerous books I have started in the past few months.

This got me thinking. What is it that makes me buy a book? And, what is it that prevents me from actually reading it?

Mostly I buy books that have been recommended to me by others. Someone will mention a book and what an impact it had on them and I'll add it to my library ( which is mainly on my kindle these days).

I currently have a whole collection of books that are partly read. Checking out my kindle library it tells me what I've read, and what percentage I've read of the books not completed. Even though I know I don't always finish a book I really am surprised at how many I haven't completed.

Those currently on the go include: The Coaching Habit by Michael Bungay Staner; Story Driven by Bernadette Jiwa; Endeavor by Scott Perry; Doughnut Economics by Kate Raworth; This is Marketing by Seth Godin; Strategies for Being Brilliant by Susan Ritchie; Own It by Liz Peters; Daring Greatly by Brene Brown; Improv by John Cremer; and More Time to Think by Nancy Kline.

These are all great books, and come highly recommended. And just writing this I feel the overwhelm flooding in. What should I do, where shall I start? This one. No, that one. Argh!

So, I commit to completing one book in the coming week. And I will write a brief post about it next week. Then I'll move on to the next one, and then the next. I will not add any more books to my collection until I have read (or made a conscious decision that I am not going to read) those that I already have.

I'd love to know what your reading habits are. Do you dip in and out of books, do you have a huge pile like me and don't know where to begin? What makes you choose a book to read - and what is it that keeps you engaged enough to complete it? Please do tell me in the comments below. I love to hear from you.

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