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Being Seen (by Alpacas)

Things have been a bit different in the valley this week. Murdock has gone for a short break elsewhere, which means I've had the pleasure of the alpacas coming up close to check me out.

There is something delightful in the way they observe what's happening around them. I move and suddenly all eyes are on me, and what amazing eyes they have. It feels like they are giving me a good going over. I am in their valley after all, so why wouldn't they.

Today it felt like I had passed inspection. I was acceptable. They didn't need to do anything because I was there. Not run off. Not move away. Just be.

It feels good to be accepted. No longer someone to be wary of. Probably still the stranger but no longer a cause for concern.

This makes me wonder how much we adapt our own behaviour when someone or something new comes into our life, whether that is work, family or social. What happens in that adjusting process, how do we behave differently as we work out the lay of the land, discovering where we feel comfortable and where we fit in the new pattern of things? Do we settle back into our old patterns, or do use the opportunity to create change?

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