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Being Authentic, Being Real

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I don't know where to begin with this post, so I will begin here. I have a visceral reaction to fake, to pretend, to pretence. I can smell bullshit a mile off. I want real and authentic.

I am not interested in what you think you 'should' be doing, or saying, or thinking. I want to know what really matters to you. I want to feel you. I want to hear what your voice sounds like.
Maybe I am weird. Yes, I probably am. Unusual perhaps. No, probably weird.

But in my weirdness, I am myself. I have given up trying to be something or someone, I am not. I don't aspire to be 'like' anyone. I am content with me. I don't want to use my energy trying to 'fit in'. I want to use my energy to make a difference in the world.
And, I want that for others too.

There is much that needs to be done. The world is in crisis. We can't keep doing what we've done before. We need to pay attention to what actually matters, and an important part of that will be finding ways to focus our resources on what will make a positive difference, not on things that will perpetuate the systems that have brought us to this place.

For me, this is not about 'them', this is about us, and what we as individuals can do. This is not about being told what to think, how to behave, or who to blame. It is time to check in with yourself about what matters to you. Really. Deep down. What do you know to be true? And what happens when you approach life from that conscious place? Will you make the same choices as before?

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