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Adapting to What Is

Despite my best intentions and ability to be organised somehow today, I managed to not have the means to charge my laptop when I needed to. Rather than it being the disaster I could have made it, or causing me to drive many miles to retrieve the missing adaptor, I took a deep breath and gave myself a moment to determine the course of action I would follow.

The morning wasn't turning out as I had planned, but could I manage. Yes, today I could cope with this. I worked until the battery was flat but not before using the very last bit of power to transfer the audio from the footage I was working with to my phone.

My plan. To listen to the audio as I wandered through the country park I had chosen as my office for the day. I got to pay full attention to the words, whilst immersed in nature. Perfect.

And then, this evening the editing and creation of the film flowed beautifully. My attention this time on the images, as I'd already been drawn to the words I was going to include.

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