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5 Things I learned by Travelling Alone

How I went from terrified traveller to accomplished adventurer

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When I sold the family home in August 2018 I didn't have a clear plan. All I knew was that I wasn't going to buy another property immediately and I wanted to spend the winter somewhere warmer than the UK.

I had created the freedom to do whatever I wanted, yet I was stuck. Too many choices. Too many possibilities. And, I was scared. I wanted to travel but I had never travelled alone for more than a couple of weeks, and I wasn't sure where I wanted to go.

Finally I got sick of my indecision and made myself book a flight to Bali. I decided to start somewhere I had been before as that made it less scary to begin.

During the 4 months I was away I visited Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. The only fixed plan I had was my flight back to the UK for my mum's 80th Birthday, other than that it unfolded as I went along.

What I learned:

1. Making it up as I went along gave me freedom to adapt my adventures as I met new people or heard about new destinations to visit.

2. Saying Yes, even when uncertain, leads to unexpected and unique adventures.

3. I am resourceful and can manage whatever situation I find myself in.

4. I love to travel slowly, at my own pace, with plenty of time to just be and take in my surroundings.

5. The only thing that prepared me for travelling alone, was travelling alone.

Almost a year later as I reflect on my adventures I am still surprised at what was possible, and I only discovered that by taking the leap and deciding on my first destination.

Is there something you would love to do, or you talk about doing 'one day'? What would it look like if you dared to take the leap? What could be your first step?

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