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3 Reasons I am Spending so Much Time in The Garden

Why gardening matters to me right now

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  • I love being outdoors. I'd rather be outside than inside most times of the year, but spring in the UK is gorgeous. New plants emerging, leaves appearing on trees after a long winter of bare branches. The grass beginning to grow and wildflowers appearing in abundance.
  • I love to transform things. Taming a jungle of brambles, getting to grips with a bed of nettles or persuading the ivy that it really doesn't need to take over everything are really satisfying to me. Giving the primroses space to flourish, splitting the geraniums and giving them new places to grow and allowing the climbing hydrangea the freedom to spread, once freed of the brambles that were taking over, feels good.
  • I love to feel I am doing something worthwhile. Nature knows what she's doing. In the midst of the human crisis around Covid-19 the rhythm of the natural world continues. I do my bit to help keep the plants in balance but all the while being appreciative of all that is growing.  

By paying attention to the things we do, we can begin to get curious about why those things matter to us, and perhaps, become more conscious of the choices we make about how we spend our time.

Gardening may not be your thing, maybe it is something else. What do you notice about what you are doing, and why it matters to you? How would it be to choose to make time to do more of the things you love?

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