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    An Explorer of Possibilities

    I believe the gift of unconditional time and attention is something which is not just desirable but is essential for our well-being. Knowing that we matter is such an important part of being human, and seemingly needed more than ever in these days of short snatched attention, and the illusion of connection through devices.


    Since August 2018, when I sold my house and let go of nearly all my 'stuff', my theme has been "making it up as I go along". It's continues to be an exploration into what is possible, and has provided the unexpected bonus of allowing me to share the gift of time and attention with many people.


    As a young woman I could never have imagined how my life would be today. With a promising start in my twenties and early thirties, I diligently worked through my To Do List, towards the goal of 'and they lived happily ever after...' :-


    Husband ✓; House & mortgage ✓; Career ✓; Degree ✓; Nice car ✓ ;Cats ✓; Children ✓.


    Next came the unexpected and unplanned. Divorce, lone parenting, chronic illness, self employment and seeking alternatives to mainstream education. It was tough. But I'm so grateful that life didn't turn out as I'd planned and instead I was catapulted into a 20 year journey of self discovery and a deep curiosity about people, life, and what it is to be human.


    As part of this ongoing inquiry in 2018 I travelled to Minneapolis, USA, to undertake an intensive training with Nic Askew in the Inner View Method - the Art and Science of Witnessing. The experience had a profound effect and now forms the basis of the work I offer.


    Along the way I've been a Town Planner in Local Government, an IT Consultant, studied towards a Masters Degree in Decision Sciences, worked for, and volunteered with, various charities and community organisations, qualified as a Life Coach, and transformed a semi derelict house into a family home, and much else besides.


    The achievement I am most proud of is to be mother to two wonderful humans, who have taught me so much about how important it is to fully inhabit our own unique version of ourselves.


    The very best things can come from the unexpected, and the willingness, or sometimes necessity, to do something different.

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